As an enrolled member of our program, you have agreed to the following policies.   Please don't hesitate to contact the studio if you have any questions at all about specific policies or procedures.


The membership at So.i.Heard costs $165 per month for a half-hour slot, and $310 per month for a full-hour slot. This charge occurs on the 1st of every month.

The in-room lesson time may be fewer than 30 and 60 minutes in order to leave time for the instructor to talk to the parent after the lesson.

The charge is a flat-rate membership fee based on our yearly calendar of lessons. The price does not change during studio closings planned in the yearly calendar.

All payments are made via a pre-authorized debit/credit cards and no other payment method. It is the client's responsibility to notify the studio of a change in card, or if a card becomes inactive. If a card is declined for any billing cycle, So.i.Heard House of Music will not provide lessons or membership services for that student until a new card is provided, authorized, and charged according to this enrollment form. All cards are kept on a secure PCI compliant server outside of So.i.Heard Music, and So.i.Heard Music LLC assumes no liability for card information storage.

So.i.Heard Music LLC is authorized to charge the credit card provided in each client's online profile on the first of each month for payment for music education services.

This authorization will remain in effect until cancelled in writing according to the policies described within this agreement, and it is the responsibility of the client to notify So.i.Heard House of Music in writing of any changes in my account information before the next billing date. If the above noted payment dates fall on a holiday,  the payments may be executed on the next business day. 

This authorization is to remain in full force and effect until So.i.Heard Music LLC has received written notification of withdrawal from the client in accordance with the Withdrawal Policies in this packet.


This membership includes all weekly appointments as long as the student is enrolled. Missed appointments do not convert to cash or refund. If So.i.Heard Music cancels a lesson due to inclement weather, an extra Weather Make Up credit will be issued to be used on a Friday Make Up day. This credit will expire three months from issuance.

If an instructor is absent, a substitute will be provided. If no substitute can be provided, a credit will be issued to next month’s charge.

Student lesson slots are at the same time every week. The studio operates at full capacity; there are no make ups or reschedules available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and/or Sunday.

In the event of a missed lesson, every student has one Friday Make Up available to use per month while enrolled that is equivalent to the length of their regular weekly lesson slot. Credits do not roll over or accumulate. Once a make up lesson is booked, it cannot be cancelled or rescheduled. We do not guarantee a makeup slot will always be available. We do not guarantee your instructor will be available for a Make up.  In this case,  you may book a Make Up with a different instructor.



So.i.Heard House of Music is not responsible for unattended children.


Students arriving late will not have their lesson extended. The studio operates at full capacity and cannot accommodate extended lessons.

Students arriving late by more than half of their lesson will be considered a “no show” for that lesson period. For example, fifteen minutes late for a half hour lesson, or thirty minutes late for an hour lesson will be counted as a “no show.” After the half-way mark and once the lesson is considered a "no show", the teacher may be dismissed. There are no refunds for missed lessons.


Students and Parents waive the right to any legal action against So.i.Heard Music LLC for any injury sustained on school property during the course of normal lesson activity or any other activity conducted by the parent, the student, or any affiliated guests including hearing loss or damage. Ear plugs or sound resistant headphones are required during loud lessons and jam time.

So.i.Heard Music LLC is not responsible for instruments or personal belongings left on the premises, and is not responsible for damage to vehicles or items stolen from vehicles at any time.


Teachers of So.i.Heard House of Music are only authorized to conduct lessons, classes, rehearsals, and performances within the studio and at authorized offsite venues. We require students and parents do not solicit teachers for work outside of the studio. Teachers who engage in lessons outside the supervision of the studio will be terminated. All correspondence should happen at the studio or through the office.


In order to discontinue lessons and charges to your account, written notice must be provided via Notice must be given in writing by the 25th of your last month of taking lessons. Tuition is not refunded for the last month of lessons, no exceptions will be made. Students are responsible for their last month’s tuition whether or not they attend lessons. After a withdrawal has been submitted, no refunds are given for any time missed within the last month.


Filming, photography and recording may take place at So.i.Heard House of Music during classes, lessons, performances and other programs, on-site and off-site. These videos, photos and recordings may be posted and tagged in various So.i.Heard social media and Internet promotions. No student names will be used in the posting of pictures online. If you do not want any photos or videos of your child taken, please email with a written request to opt out of the filming, photography, & recording policy.

By enrolling in lessons at So.i.Heard Music LLC, you acknowledge that you understand all policies presented here.