We hope you have been enjoying your time with our music therapists at So.i.Heard! The following includes details about our progress report policy, and some tips for getting reimbursed for services by your health insurance company.

After your music therapy assessment, you should have received a treatment plan and assessment note. You will get similar reports each month in your email. These documents will include:

  • A summary of what happened in the session, which includes baseline functioning observed by the board certified music therapist (MT-BC), as well as first impressions of the client’s reaction to the music interventions.
  • Goals and objectives decided upon by therapist, taking into account discussion between parents or caregivers during the consultation and assessment session, the therapist’s expertise, and close observations.
  • One or more Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes that represent procedures the MT-BC used in the session. MT-BCs use the same types of procedure codes that an Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, or Speech/Language Pathologist would use.
  • Our tax identification number, the MT-BC's certification number, and other necessary details about our facility that may help insurance companies decide to reimburse you.

You will have received an email invitation to sign up with Pike 13.

This account is very important as you will receive reminders about each therapy session (especially helpful when one is scheduled at an unusual time), access to your receipts for payment, and other important communication with the studio. If you haven't already, please sign up and make a profile as soon as possible!

If you do choose to attempt to send your progress reports to your insurance company, they will almost always require you to send your invoice or bill along with the progress report that has the CPT codes. Your Pike 13 account is where you will find your bill automatically show up on the first of every month.

Use Our Contact Information to Your Advantage!

  • You will receive your therapist’s private email, which you can use at any time for clinical questions, updates from home, school, or other therapies.
  • Our department email is always available to you at musictherapy@soiheardmusic.com, which you can use for logistical questions and concerns.
  • Use our studio phone number in the case of cancellations and other scheduling concerns. It is 973-232-5111. If you need to cancel, you may use one make-up credit per month to reschedule on a Friday - our studio make-up day. If your therapist needs to cancel, we will do our best to accommodate you via rescheduling or a credit. If you need to change your recurring appointment time and/or day, this is the number at which you should call us.

Some insurance companies may ask for information, or to speak with our Program Director on the phone. We are happy to work with them if they want to call or email us - feel free to have them reach out!

For many insurance companies, music therapy is a foreign concept, and they don’t yet understand that it is conducted by professionals and can be an essential part of medical care for some people with special needs. But they WILL listen to you: their customers.

Don't be afraid to advocate for your child's need for our services! We encourage you to be vocal with your insurance providers. Research and experience shows that music therapy is an effective treatment, and for some clients, the treatment that works best. Good luck, and keep us updated!