Instructions for Taking Video

When you would like to take a clinical video to share with your supervisor or client, you can use either your personal phone to record, the studio's GoPro (usually found at the front desk), or the Photo Booth video feature on the Music Therapy studio's laptop. Use whichever method you prefer, or will capture your intervention best.

Instructions for Sharing Video

If you have taken a video from your phone, please AirDrop it to the MT studio laptop to be stored. To do this, make sure your phone's Bluetooth is on and that your device is in "discoverable" mode. You may need to go into your Settings > AirDrop and make sure it is on as well. Go to the photo or video you wish to share, and when you select the Share icon, the MT studio laptop should show up in your AirDrop section. Select the laptop on your phone, and click "Accept" on the laptop screen and "Save to Photos." Then complete the form below.

Do this as soon as possible after the video is taken, and once transferred, delete the video from your phone so that we can respect the privacy and Health Information laws for our clients.

If you have taken a video on the GoPro, leave it on the camera and complete the form below.

If you have taken a video using Photo Booth on the MT studio laptop, leave it on the laptop and complete the form below.


Here is all the info your supervisor or client will need to know about the video.

I have taken a *
I would like to *
You can find it *
Specify edits below if necessary, i.e. start and stop times