Below is a checklist outlining the music submission requirements:

  • You must officially submit your music through the music submission form on So.i.Heard’s website.   No other form of submission will be considered or accepted.
  • You can choose to do a single song or a medley (2+ songs).  If you choose to do a medley, please note we do not accept more than 5 songs. 
  • Your song(s) must be available on iTunes.  No YouTube videos will be accepted.  
  • Describe how you want the song(s) cut on the form by using time marks to illustrate the cutting points. For example, you can say "please start the track from the beginning and cut right at the 2:00 mark" or "Take the track from the beginning and cut at 1:15, then add in the part from 2:30-3:15". 
  • You must fill out the music submission form even if you will be cutting your own music.  There is a place to upload your pre-cut mp3 file.
  • The deadline for music submission is December 15th.   Please note this deadline applies regardless of whether you are submitting your own pre-cut music file, or you need help cutting your music.   No submissions will be accepted after December 15th.   
  • Please allow at least two weeks of turn-around time for your track
  • We will provide only one service cut for all acts that need assistance so please be clear and concise on your end and you can’t change your mind later!