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Private Instruction is the foundation of a great music education. At So.i.Heard, we offer a private lesson experience that is unparalleled in today's music industry.

This is the new paradigm of music instruction.
Private Lessons in All Instruments, In-Home and In Our Studio
We provide private lessons for kids and adults in all instruments. Guitar, bass, drums, voice, school band and orchestra, and more! For In-Home lessons please click here!

Our Lessons are Driven by Tech
At So.i.Heard House of Music, we teach students of all levels, beginner to advanced! All private lessons are held in our state of the art lesson rooms. Students use iPads and computers during their lesson that are packed with the latest music education software. This is including, but not limited to, programs such as Notion, Logic Pro, and of course ProTools. We pride ourselves on using this incredible technology to further the music education experience for students of all ages and skill levels.

It Doesn't Stop At One Hour Per Week
Each teacher has weekly office hours, which means every day there are open education sessions free for all students. Think of it this way, you pay for one lesson, and can really get SEVEN per week! Come by and get extra help, or just show your teacher what you've been working on. Our teachers are always available to help out in anyway they can.

Get Access to Our State of the Art Recording Studio and Lab Stations
One of the biggest perks of So.i.Heard House of Music is that students can book any available lesson room lab station, at any time during the week, at no extra charge. Students can use this time to practice, record, or just experiment with new software. Qualified production track students can book out our state of the art recording studio for no extra charge! The studio has ProTools 10HD, a 24 channel Toft analog board, real guitar amps, and real microphones.

It Doesn't End There...
What are you waiting for? Find out if So.i.Heard is the right place for you, stop in any time or book your free consultation today!
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