Music is a social artform.  All musicians must eventually experience group interaction within their education.   At So.i.Heard, we provide a group class schedule for our private lesson students that allows them to explore their interests across a number of different musical subjects.  


Theory can be as dull as a dishwasher, but with our method we make it a fun and eye-opening experience for any student. Through group exercises, students explore the most basic concepts of theory in order to build a solid foundation for any future music endeavor. Rhythms, intervals, scales, and triads are pertinent to every music student and necessary for a complete understanding of music. Our Music Theory classes work as a perfect supplement to any private lesson, regardless of a student's instrument.  LEARN MORE


Today writing your own songs has never been easier. With the help of recording software such as Garageband and Logic, students apply their understanding of key signatures and chords by creating progressions for their own songs. Analysis of pop music harmony, melody, and rhythm will help students understand how songwriting really works and how it relates to music theory. Since songwriting requires a deeper knowledge of music theory, we require a teacher recommendation or meeting with a Program Director to place into the class.  LEARN MORE


Let's make a band! There is no better way to master your instrument than to play in a group with your friends. Our ensembles bring everything you learn in your private lessons to a group setting. Three to seven-member student bands are directed on how to work as a team through fun exercises in group dynamics, visual cues, and creativity. Styles covered include pop music, classic rock, and blues. In order to "be in the band,” students need a teacher recommendation or an audition with a Program Director.  LEARN MORE


On the "tech" side of music is the art of audio recording and music production. In these production classes, we explore how to use our ears to listen critically, learn important audio terminology, basic operating functions of Digital Audio Workstations such as Garageband and Logic, and explore signal flow concepts. If that all sounds too complicated, don't worry! We'll guide students through the whole process and have a bunch of fun doing it! This class really brings together everything you’re learning at So.i.Heard. Just think: once you learn your instrument, learn how to write songs, and have a blast jamming with a band, you can learn how to record it all and make your own albums just like the ones you hear on the radio!   LEARN MORE